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Linen is stronger than cotton, twice as resistant to light damage, linen products are perfectly stored, well tolerate temperature fluctuations and the toughest washing, after which they become softer, whiter and more flattering to the body. Linen fabrics have antiseptic action. Linen absorbs moisture well and at the same time quickly gives it away and dries. It provides good ventilation of the skin and is able to remove heat from its surface in both wet and dry environments. Flax warms in the cold, and in the heat works like an air conditioner, reduces the temperature on the surface of the body by several degrees. Static charges are not formed on linen fabrics. Flax reflects the sun's rays well, retains ultraviolet. Linen fabric. We offer products of Orsha flax factory. Belarusian flax. Buy linen fabric Minsk. Buy linen. Shipping linen fabrics to USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, China, Israel, Japan, Korea.